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Amer Gasmi aka Bboy Zulu Rema has finally received his new prosthetic limbs!  The HHAAE, Todd Stone CPO, David Mitchell CPO, Nexus Technology Services (Greg May CEO) and so many of you made this happen.  Thank you to all who donated to our GoFundMe campaign.  It takes a village to serve and the village came together.

Amer Gasmi IMG_0278_edited.jpg

Zulu Rema visited Grand Rapids, MI in early April 2022 for his long awaited new prosthetic legs.  His current legs were over 5 years old and no longer fitting properly, causing him pain, and limiting his function and activities of daily living.  An amputee's limbs change over time and new prosthetic sockets are necessary every few years, especially when you are an active adolescent.  Rema received his last pair when he was 16 in New York City.  He has needed new legs since 2019.  The pandemic put things on hold.  But now he's back in action.  Thanks to a team of dope folks, himself leading the pack.

Zulu Rema was able to participate in a number of community events in Grand Rapids, MI during his visit.  He was able to meet area Hip Hop OGs and prominent artists, including recording a track with Grand Rapids, MI rap pioneers, EURO-K.  He ripped some flows at a few events and even created some visual art with Monk's 7 year old daughter.  He made the Trip to Lansing, MI to meet with breakin' students from All of the Above Hip Hop Academy, answer questions, and provide some 1 on 1 instruction with interested young bboys and bigirls.

Amer David IMG_5783_edited.jpg

Zulu Rema & David Mitchell CPO

This experience was just the beginning.  We hope to expand Elements of Change to include more projects involving hiphoppas with perceived physical limitations.  Zulu Rema is an inspiration to many.  He is also a force to be reckoned with in our culture.  Be sure to follow him and his future endeavors.  

Amer Gasmi - Kendrick Cummings (HHAAE Board Member) IMG_5046.JPEG
Amer + EURO-K 1IMG_5640.JPG
Amer TC IMG_5761.JPG
Amer Hanger IMG_5857.JPG
Tasha n Rema IMG_0478_edited.jpg
Rema n AOTA crew IMG_0564.jpg
Amer taeching AOTA 1IMG_5909_edited.jpg

Kendrick Cummings (HHAAE) & Zulu Rema

Rema, Vito & Freeze (EURO-K)

Dr. Iglesias (HHAAE) & Zulu Rema

Zulu Rema & AOTA Crew

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Theme: From the Golden Era to the Golden State
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