November is Hip Hop History Month!

Celebrate Hip Hop during the month of November by spending time learning the history of the culture and movement.  Ask yourself these questions:

1) What set the stage for Hip Hop to happen?  What groups and which individuals paved the way for Hip Hop to happen?

2) Where did Hip Hop happen first and where did Hip Hop move to?

3) What elements make up the culture and in what order did they arise?

4) Who are the pioneers of each element of Hip Hop?  Pick one pioneer and learn more about them and their influence.

Hip Hop Scavenger Hunt
Calling all middle school and high school students!  Join the HHAAE this holiday break for a Hip Hop Scavenger Hunt.  Identify the elements of Hip Hop in your community and share your findings and more.  Registration and details at the bottom of our "Registration" page.  Click the link below.
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Peace, Unity, Love, Having Fun