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Elements of Change



Elements of Change (EOC) seeks to empower individuals to facilitate positive change in communities and within themselves through the artistic, philosophical, and historical elements of Hip Hop as well as life skills that translate into advancement for individuals, families, and communities.



EOC empowers the global Hip Hop community by providing financial, educational, and consultation resources to organizations and individuals who use Hip Hop culture to impact their community.  EOC seeks to equip youth, teens, and adults with the tools to change the narrative created by our current world leadership on social justice, environmental justice, financial literacy within underserved communities, and the divisive tactics of politics.  EOC encourages working together, racial/ethnic equality and equity, and the founding principles of Hip Hop which are peace, love, unity, and having fun. EOC works with Hip Hop artists, organizations, and institutions to preserve and promote Hip Hop’s cultural integrity and empower communities through Hip Hop.

Organizations and individuals will be able to apply for various types of support.

Elements of Change (EOC) will launch in mid to late 2021 after the Global Conference on Hip Hop Education

Current/Former Initiatives

Zulu Legacy: Youth Leadership 8 - Uganda


Initiative with the HHAAE:

In 2020, the HHAAE partnered with Youth Leadership 8 - Uganda to co-host 3 virtual Hip Hop symposiums in the month of July.  The Symposiums discussed the impact of Hip Hop on the African continent along with the current and past youth and community development programs carried out by Youth Leadership 8 - Uganda and other prominent African hiphoppas.

Zulu Legacy-Youth Leadership 8 Uganda exists to educate, develop, and improve the state of
mind of youth and adults around the world.  We spread the message of love, peace, unity,
truth, justice, freedom, preservation of culture and Hip Hop in all its elements.  Our mission is
realized through music, dance, written and visual arts.


Since 2010, Ras Benzima and Chandia Lucky have used Hip Hop to lead the charge in youth and community development in Uganda through a series of regional tours. The Uganda Tours are centered on Hip Hop Education, youth leadership, entrepreneurship, community development, artistic expression and conflict resolution. Benzima and Lucky have organized community events, youth camps, and powerful performances. In 2012, they joined the Galaxy Dance Project, a Ugandan youth centered Hip Hop organization, that uses the elements of Hip and other innovative art forms to empower, uplift and create positive social change among youth in the Kawempe slums by organizing and conducting weekly sessions. These events have included a back to school jam, peace day celebrations, anniversaries, community outreaches, ghetto gospel, ubuntu night, community cyphers and youth camps. In 2014, they joined the Universal Zulu Nation, the founding organization of Hip Hop culture. They became part of the Zulu Legacy-Youth Leadership 8 program under the mentorship and directorship of Dr. Richard Reeves in New York City. Zulu Legacy-Youth Leadership 8 Uganda is a registered organization in Uganda and has been organizing youth leadership and Hip Hop education tours in various districts around the country. Zulu Legacy-Youth Leadership 8 Uganda brings Hip Hop to refugee camps conducting workshops on entrepreneurship, leadership and conflict resolution. Refugee camps include, Bidi Bidi refugee settlement in Northern Uganda and Rwamwanja refugee settlement in Western Uganda. Since 2017, Zulu Legacy-Youth Leadership 8 Uganda has participated in the Skillz East Africa tour which has impacted youth camps including Semuto youth camp, West Nile Youth Leadership and Development youth camp, Let Girls Learn, and Student Minicamp.  They are also the founding members of Generation Hip Hop Uganda which is a global network of Hip Hop advocates and artists. Benzima and Lucky have also had international tours in Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya and Germany.


Ras Benzima


Chandia Lucky


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