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EIN:  84-3717248


The Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education (HHAAE) connects, and supports Hip Hop scholars, educators, advocates and practitioners who use Hip Hop to empower their communities. HHAAE provides a platform for scholars, educators, advocates and practitioners to collaborate on local and global initiatives, publications, and artistic projects and provides tangible and informational support to individuals, organizations and institutions.    


Create an international platform to support the collaboration of Hip Hop scholars, educators, advocates and practitioners in academia, in nonprofit and private sector organizations, and in communities across the world.


Authenticate Hip Hop scholars, educators, advocates and practitioners’ research, publications and use of Hip Hop pedagogy and education, including the history of Hip Hop. 


Provide professional development on Hip Hop Pedagogy and Education, including topics on leadership and management and dance/art instruction, through individual and organizational consultations, workshops, symposia, annual conferences and certification programs.


Provide tangible support such as scholarships to individuals who are furthering their education or engagement in Hip Hop and internships and grants to organizations who are dedicated to using Hip Hop as a source of empowerment in their communities, organization or institution.


Hip Hop culture is powerful.  Hip Hop has influenced nearly all aspects of entertainment, even transcending urban communities, and is arguably the most influential youth culture on the planet.  Hip Hop is more than music, body movement, visual stimulation, fashion, or attitude.   Hip Hop is an evolving cultural phenomenon that is here to stay and here to influence.  Hip Hop is the voice of past, present, and future generations. 


The HHAAE sees Hip Hop as a viable and effective point of engagement for young people across cultural, ethnic, and socioeconomic barriers.  Our desire is to assist in the transfer of knowledge and experience between hiphoppas of all ages and help academia and community leaders effectively reach our current and future generations where they are.  

Our Team


Founder & President

Dr. Tasha Iglesias

Co-Founder, Vice President, Director of Elements of Change

Matthew " Monk Matthaeus" Duncan

Kendrick "88" Cummings


Heading 1

Dr. Michael Dando

President & Vice President: Dr. Tasha Iglesias and Monk Matthaeus (DJ iLL One in back)

COO & Director of Student Life & Leadership

cindy macias

MF - studio headshot square close.jpg

Manny Faces

Treasurer:  Tasha Iglesias and Matthew "Monk Matthaeus" Duncan are serving as Treasurer in the interim while the HHAAE opens up for new board membership.

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