Global Conference on Hip Hop Education



ASA College

February 3-9, 2021

2021 Annual Meeting Theme:

"Exploring Hip Hop as a Source of Empowerment in our Global Communities"

The 2021 annual meeting call for proposals will be opened on February 21st, 2020; the deadline for submissions is May 30th, 2020, 11:59 p.m. (PST)

Chair (GCHHE)/President (HHAAE): Dr. Tasha Iglesias


The Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education (HHAAE) connects, and supports Hip Hop scholars, teachers, practitioners and artists who engage in Hip Hop to empower their communities. Petchauer (2014) has explained that “most frequently and for good reason, scholars have connected Hip Hop to culturally relevant, asset-based, and critical pedagogies” (p. 3). Many scholars have moved beyond analyzing rap lyrics to engaging in Hip Hop Pedagogy. In doing so, they are highlighting the culture’s elements including MCing, DJing, Graffiti Writing and Bboying/Bgirling. Hip Hop Pedagogy has been identified as an educational tool that can both engage and support students (Petchauer, 2009; Söderman, & Sernhede, 2016; Sulé, 2016). Research on Hip Hop as an effective pedagogy has increased in the last decade (Söderman & Sernhede, 2016) and Hip Hop in the classroom is an “innovative, educationally sound [approach] that considers and develops the cultural capital students bring to the classroom, [and makes] education relevant and purposeful” (Paul, 2000, p. 247).

HHAAE, however, has identified that there are multiple inaccuracies in how Hip Hop histories have been documented, and how Hip Hop Culture has been taught in dance classes, dance studios and other non-profit organizations with various agendas. HHAAE strives for improved communication and partnerships between educators using hip hop pedagogy and the pioneers and practitioners of Hip Hop.
The objective of this conference is to bring together scholars, artists, advocates and practitioners who engage in Hip Hop to both define Hip Hop Pedagogy, and explore how Hip Hop Pedagogy can be used to empower our global community.



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