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Global Conference on Hip Hop Education

We look forward to seeing you in person in 2023.  See below what out theme for 2022 was all about.  Information on the 2023 GCHHE will be available fall of 2022.

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2022 GCHHE

February 3 - February 9, 2022


Tasha Iglesias, Ed.D

President, Hip Hop Association of Advancement and Education

Chair, Global Conference on Hip Hop Education


Theme: “Exploring the Foundation in Hip Hop History and Education.”


GCHHE is co sponsored by ASA College and HHAAE 


“Hip Hop as a culture is infinitely more expansive than learning the skills of each element. Each element of the culture is its own universe, with its own history, symbols, norms, subcultures, and internal debates. However, amid this complexity is some degree of commonality and shared social, political, and economic history that birthed Hip Hop’s core, the unique manifestation of artifacts, values, and assumptions that we know as Hip Hop culture” (Travis Jr., 2016, p.7).


August 11th, 1973 is often considered the “birth of Hip Hop.” However, for those in the culture, this is merely a symbolic date that references a culture that would not be referred to as “Hip Hop” until the early 1980s. Prior to 1973, there were DJs, MCs, Rockers, Breakers, and Graffiti writers innovating and creating new forms of self-expression throughout New York. 


These forms of expression and art would later be identified, and referred to as Hip Hop’s elements. Hip Hop “originated in the South Bronx and is comprised of five elements: breakin’, graffiti art, deejaying’, Mcin’, and knowledge. Together, these five elements create a rich culture that combines visual and performing arts with the pursuit of knowledge” (Harper & Jackson, 2018, p.113). Each element has its own unique history and relationship with what we now know as Hip Hop. 


Research on the contributions of the pioneers and innovators to the culture between the 1960s and 1970s exist, but is not reflected in most academic texts in its entirety. For those who engage, or study the history of Hip Hop, or teach about the culture, most would agree that the early history of the culture is nuanced and dominated by certain narratives. Instead, most texts and resources focus on a small portion of these pioneers and more research is needed to respect the foundation and 1st generation pioneers. 


The 2022 Global Conference on Hip Hop Education will be a place where practitioners, artists, activists and educators will gather with the objective of expanding the research on the Foundation of Hip Hop. Joseph Schloss (n.d.) defines foundation as the “core set of concepts that b-boys and b-girls are expected to learn as part of their dance education. Among other things, it includes the fundamental moves associated with the dance, its history, philosophy, and battle strategies.” For this conference, we will expand the concept of foundation to all of Hip Hop’s elements. First generation will include those who brought their heritage, innovated previous art forms, or created new forms of self-expression in Hip Hop. Specifically, participants are asked to explore the foundation of all elements between 1960 and 1984.


Submission Instructions

  1. Each presenter is required to submit a proposal. If there are multiple presenters, you can copy and paste the proposal content for each individual submission. 

    1. Professors who submit on behalf of an entire class are allowed to submit one proposal. Please ensure however that each student receives credit for their presentation if they are presenting individually or groups. Please email if you would like to propose a class/group presentation. 

  2. Please review the GCHHE Presenter Proposal form prior to submitting your proposal. You will be required to submit the following:

    1. Contact Information

      1. Name/Title

      2. Alias 

      3. Institutional/Organizational/Crew Affiliation, and position

      4. Email Address

      5. Phone Number

      6. Proposal Title

      7. Paper/Presentation Documents [optional]

    2. Availability [please confirm this with your entire group prior to submitting. Presenters are welcome to attend in-person and/or virtually]

    3. Proposal Content [Please do not include your name, proposals will be blind-reviewed]

      1. Proposal Title

      2. Proposal Abstract [Less than 120 words]

      3. Proposal Summary for Conference Program [Less than three sentences]

      4. Relevance to Conference Theme [Less than 120 words]

      5. Research/Literature or Related Personal/Professional Experience

      6. Chair/Discussant or Moderator [Optional]

      7. Format of Presentation *[See below for format options]

*Presenters from all backgrounds are welcome to present at the Global Conference on Hip Hop Education. Presenters acknowledge that HHAAE and ASA College will be recording, taking photos, and broadcasting the sessions/events on a public platform. Presentations will be limited to 50 minutes with a ten minute Q&A period. 


Although the formats listed below are typical of academic conferences, we are welcoming ALL types of presentations or displays of art/music or film. Please specify in your proposal overview if you would like to request a longer session or alternate presentation format. All presentations will be in-person at ASA College unless you specify otherwise in the “availability” section. Recorded presentations must be submitted by January 1st, 2022 (for online presenters only)*.

  1. Paper/s Presentation

  2. Panel 

  3. Workshop 

  4. Podcast [please indicate if in-person or live]

  5. Video/Recorded Presentation*

  6. Film Screening 

  7. Professional Development 

  8. Poster Session 

  9. Other [all other formats are welcome]

  1. Proposals will be accepted through November 21st, 2021. Proposals will be reviewed monthly and participants will be notified in the first week of the following month.

  2. A specific style or format, such as APA, is not required.

  3. Changes to your proposal must be submitted via email by January 1st, 2022. Please email with any proposed changes and be sure to include all other presenters in your email as well. 

  4. We are encouraging our presenters to upload their papers prior to the conference. Uploading a paper for this conference is optional. HHAAE and ASA College will email a request in January of 2022. Papers may be included in a special edition of an academic journal if selected (TBD).  


Early-bird registration for GCHHE will begin in October of 2021. Special discounts are available for group/class registrations, please email for more details. 


In addition, registration scholarships will be made available for any attendee/presenter who needs financial assistance. 


Thank you again for your participation in the Global Conference on Hip Hop Education. If you have any questions, would like to be a vendor/sponsor or would like to showcase your organization/non-profit or program, please email us at:


If you would like to donate, please indicate this in the Call for Proposal or email: Donations are tax deductible. 

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